About Us

Startnet Software Co.,Ltd. is a technical software enterprise founded by the first generation of financial software developers in China. The company has 30 years of experience in enterprise management software development core team, specializing in omni-channel wholesale distribution and retail chain management system solutions. We aim to provide software and services for growing, cross-regional, globalized wholesale distribution and chain retail enterprises with branch enterprises as our target customers.

We are based on the customers of China's commercial distribution industry, and have mastered the software development technology of multi-language (Chinese, English, Spanish, etc.). The company's software products are well received by Chinese and foreign customers. It has the ability of exporting software and the experience of selling and serving foreign customers.

We insist on original development. The company's full range of products covers online and offline, wholesale and retail, mobile marketing, e-commerce systems, management software and other areas of commercial distribution, all for independent development, unified architecture and data sharing.

We believe that technology comes from accumulation. Regardless of past or future, we have been focusing on enterprise management software for a long time. We combine 30 years of experience with Internet technology to provide customers with software and services in a fast, direct and good technical service system.