Maintenance System
It can handle the whole machine or accessories assembled / disassembled business, and can manage the cost of assembled / disassembled goods. It can handle information such as quantity, amount and cost of maintenance parts. Handle maintenance service according to store and warehouse.
Sales Performance Statistics
Provide a flexible sales performance statistics, and can be exported to Excel file after adjusting the output, for the management of sales returns, the calculation of salesman performance evaluation provides convenience.
Price Adjustment
Adjustment of purchase price and sale price, adjustment of accounts payable and receivable, and disposal of profit and loss of goods sold.
Industry Specific Report
Provide inventory serial number(IMEI) report, rebate statistics report, price insurance summary report, salesmen commission report, etc. It provides special format for printing documents.
Price Rebate
In sales receipts or purchasing payments, the function of price insurance and rebate is provided. In receipts and payments, the corresponding purchase or sales orders can be selected and the amount of rebate can be filled in.
Product ID(IMEI)
During the whole process of purchase, inventory, allocation and sale, product serial number can be tracked by the whole company or branch. It can be sold by Invoicing directly with product serial number. It can inquire the inventory serial number according to the goods and track the purchase price of the product serial number.