Wholesale Distribution System
Scope of Application
Distribution management of direct branches, franchise distributors and general wholesale customers can cover the whole process of headquarters, branch companies, agents and franchise stores.
Integrated B2B e-commerce system, franchisor online order system, wholesaler online order system, Wechat distribution. PC website, mobile terminal, distribution software data series sharing.
System Architecture
The system architecture can manage multiple independent branchs and non-independent branchs in one account. It can handle internal transactions. Distinguish terminal sales and distribution sales, and also can separate accounting management branchs.
Multi-Level Distribution Structure
Supports different price for different branches, different products for different branches, different vendors for different branches, different customers for different branches. They are separated and independent. On the other hand, products, price, suppliers, customers and other information can be shared by different branches. Users own definite authority to manage the basic information flexibly.
Distribution Operation Flow
Distribution procedures like 'purchased by head quarter while distributed by branches', 'purchased by head quarter which branches directly entry and sales', or 'head quarter directly sales to clients of the branchs' can be handled.
Auto Replenishment
Branches automatically generate replenishment orders. Headquarters automatically distribute, and automatically generate purchase orders that can not be satisfied. And then automatically distribute after the purchase is put into storage. Continuous operation.
Branches Price
The retail price, membership price and wholesale price can be preset, and the customer's sale price can be recorded and tracked automatically. All the branch prices can be controlled by the headquarters or by the branches themselves, supporting the unified prices of all branches, or different prices and discounts of different stores.
Branches Warehouse
Multi-warehouse accounting can be set up under each branch. Warehouses under each branch can be alarmed by upper and lower limits. Inventory of each branch can be inquired in real time and goods can be transferred.