B2B E-commerce System
Wholesale customer online ordering, online reconciliation, online settlement functions such as B2B e-commerce website.
Provide PC browser version, mobile browser version, mobile App (support Android and iOS). The PC version is powerful, and the mobile version is simple and convenient. The combination of the two can enhance the attraction of the business platform.
The mobile version interact with Startnet WeChat platform to enhance the mobile internet marketing function of enterprises.
It can combine the startnet software with the online order system, so that customers can place orders and reconcile accounts directly online, so as to improve the efficiency of both sides.
The online ordering system is fully integrated with the data of the startnet software, including goods, prices, business documents, financial settlement, online and offline interaction.
Integrate B2C, B2B business system, compatible with retail and wholesale business. Support for WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, online banking and other common online payment methods.
R & D background: E-commerce website developed by ERP management software company has better database, business process processing ability and management software ERP interface scheme.