Food and Fruits
Electronic Scales
Support barcode label scales, price computing scales, integrated PC scales and other weighing equipment commonly used in the food & fruit industry.
Promotion by Time Period
Automatic promotion function by time period and reminder of the arrival time of promotional products.
Disposal of sold out
Fresh products can be sold out after the end of business every night. The system inventory will restart the next day.
Fresh Industry Report
Summarize daily sales, procurement, losses, and gross profit reports for each time period, and grasp the operational status of each store.
Fresh Industry Costs
Cost calculation can be split between sales and losses based on the daily purchase cost, accurately calculating the daily cost.
Provide first in first out costing methods that are more suitable for use in the food and vegetable industry.
Batch and Validity Period
Provide the functions of batch and validity management, early warning of validity and shelf life of food, stock age analysis report, batch inventory report, etc.
Anti Counterfeiting Traceability
From product purchase, inventory, distribution, sales to the whole process, you can track the anti-counterfeiting code, track the source and destination. Support online checking.
App Client-end
Stores can use mobile apps to quickly replenish stock to ensure fresh food delivery every morning.

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Electronic Scale

Retail Analysis For Time of Every Day

App Client-end

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