Accounting Software
Multi-entity Management
Adopting the unique distribution architecture of Startnet software, it can process financial data of multiple branches within the enterprise within a single account set. The system can calculate by branch offices or manage the overall financial situation of the enterprise.
Cloud Computing
Dedicated client-end, three-layer architecture technology, isolated database server. TCP/IP communication protocol, variable dedicated communication port, can restrict any login machine. The system security exceeds that of the B/S architecture.
We provide cloud servers distributed on six continents worldwide, with centralized management of financial software data for all stores and branch offices. Supports multiple languages such as Chinese, English, and Spanish.
Integrated into ERP System
It provides a series of accounting software functions such as general ledger, fixed assets, cash management, and financial statements. Integrate with Startnet ERP software, POS system, B2C shopping mall, and B2B online ordering system. Business documents can directly generate vouchers.
General Ledger Management
A series of general ledger system functions, from filling vouchers to auditing, bookkeeping, and carrying forward. Output financial ledgers such as general ledger and subsidiary ledger, and support foreign currency accounting.
Accounting Report
The system provides various financial ledgers such as general ledger, subsidiary ledger, and journal, as well as financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and account balance statement.