ERP System (Spanish version)

Sales and Inventory Management

Supports multi-languages such as Chinese, English, Spanish, and more. Using XML language pack files, new languages can be added.
Based on Unicode kernel, interface can be displayed normally on foreign language Windows edition without error code.
Automatically synchronize business time across time zones, supporting multiple currencies, tax rates, and time formats.

Startnet Sales and Inventory Management -- Main Page (Spanish version)

Chain store delivery management--Replenishment Orders (Spanish version)

Startnet Inventory Management--Warehouse Entry (Spanish version)

Chain store delivery management--Store Delivery (Spanish version)

Startnet Sales Management--Sales Orders (Spanish version)

Startnet Sales Management--Sales Invoice (Spanish version)

Startnet Inventory Management--Items Subsidiary Ledger (Spanish version)

Inventory management of multi stores--Stock Distribution Report (Spanish version)

App Client-end

Startnet Sales and Inventory Management--Main Page
Chain store delivery management--Replenishment Order
Inventory management of multiple stores--Stock Distribution Report

POS System

POS cashier system style1--Traditional retail POS screenshot. It is suitable for supermarkets, clothing industry, electronics, etc.

POS cashier system style2--Touch screen POS screenshot, the version without items image.

POS cashier system style3--Touch screen POS screenshot, the version with items image.

Retail back-end management--Statistics report of retail.