Pos Hardware
Support a variety of hardware devices, including barcode and QRcode scanner, ticket printer, cash box, IC card and magnetic card reader, various electronic scales and others. Support traditional POS, touch screen POS and dual screen POS system.
Omni-Channel Retailing
B2C member online shopping system, B2B franchise online ordering system, Wechat platform and chain store POS system..., online and offline full range of original products integrated.
VIP System
Multi-promotional solutions, including promotional plan, buy-one-get-one, 100-give-one, add N dollors add one, combination promotions, storage cards, etc. Multi-discount methods, including discount by members, discount by tickets, discount by category, discount by quantity, etc.
Different Prices
All store prices can be centrally controlled by the headquarters, or by the branches themselves, to support the unified price of all stores, or different prices in different stores, different discounts in different stores.
Auto Replenishment
Branches auto generate replenishment orders. Headquarters automatically distribute, and automatically generate purchase orders that can not be satisfied. And then automatically distribute after the purchase is put into storage. Continuous operation.
Own Stores and Franchisees
Can manage own stores and franchise stores, support the same price allocation, variable price allocation, franchise account reconciliation, settlement and other business.

Traditional POS

Touch Screen POS

Electronic scale

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Retail Statistics Report