Retail Chain Store System
B2C VIP online shopping system. B2B online ordering system. Wechat VIP system. chain store POS system. Online and offline full range of original products integrated.
VIP System
Chain store VIP management functions. Covering VIP card production, issuance, stored value, consumption, integral, discounts, loss and other operations. Support IC cards, Magnetic stripe cards, bar code cards and other types.
Multi Store Remote Connection
TCP / IP communication protocol is adopted to support cloud server, which can be installed everywhere in the internet. All chains and headquarters can share and store data in real time.
Back-end Management
Including purchase, inventory, wholesale, distribution transfer, consignment, retail, accounting, cashier and a series of functions.
Cross Platform
Chain store management will be extended to mobile App, tablet end. Support Android, Apple IOS. Mobile scanning barcode billing.
Distribution Management
Stores can manually or automatically generate supplement products application.Headquarter distribution can handle all kinds of distribution methods, like, 'headquarter purchases, checks in, accounts and distributed to branches' or 'headquarter purchases, branches checks in and headquarter accounts' etc.
Auto Replenishment
Branches automatically generate replenishment orders. Headquarters automatically distribute, and automatically generate purchase orders that can not be satisfied. And then automatically distribute after the purchase is put into storage. Continuous operation.