Multi-store POS System


Support tax rate and local invoice format of multiple countries, and print local VAT invoice. Multi currency cash register is supported.

Cloud POS System

You can connect to a cloud server, or a local server deployment. The system adopts TCP / IP transmission protocol and XML data standard, and can be installed in every place covered by the Internet. It is specially designed for chain store management. All store data are stored in a centralized way, which is more accurate, safe and reliable.

Connect or Disconnect

The system supports connect or disconnect cashier operation. When the network is disconnected, the data is automatically saved locally and uploaded automatically after connection.

Special Functions

The electronic industry version supports retail by product serial number (IMEI). Clothing industry version supports color and size display. The system also supports cake booking, restaurant POS, take out delivery and other special business functions to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Branch Price Management

The system provides a variety of promotion management, and the price can be controlled by the headquarters or by the branches themselves. Support the unified price of all chain stores, or different prices of different stores and different discounts of different stores.

Cashier Authority

According to the roles of the cashier and the store manager, the authority can be unified controlled by the headquarters, so that the whole chain retail system can not only operate efficiently, but also be under effective monitoring.

Multi-UI POS

The system provides three kinds of POS-UI, including traditional retail POS, touch screen POS and FSR full service restaurant POS, and supports dual screen POS system.

Online and Offline

It can connect with Startnet wechat VIP system, B2B online order system and B2C online mall system, including PC version and mobile version e-commerce.

POS cashier system style1--Traditional retail POS screenshot. It is suitable for supermarkets, clothing industry, electronics, etc.

POS cashier system style2--Touch screen POS screenshot, the version without items image.

POS cashier system style3--Touch screen POS screenshot, the version with items image.

Retail back-end management--Statistics report of retail.

App Client-end

Retail Management of App Client end--Statistics Report of Retail
Retail Management of App Client end--Cashier Daily Report
Inventory Management of App Client end--Warehouse Entry